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Underfloor In-Slab Heating

The most luxurious heating.
How to largely run “for free” with Solar Photo Voltaic energy.


Fresh Air Ventilation

Fresh air circulation with heat recovery.
Maintenance of moisture levels for a healthy home


Hot Water Heating

In conjunction with the In-Slab heating.
Separately with its own heat pump

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ecoMASTER are providers of luxurious and affordable home heating and hot water heating systems through the use of air to water heat pumps. Rather than blowing hot air around the house, heating water and circulating it through the slab gives a much more luxuriant feel and long-term supply as the slab works as a giant storage resource constantly radiating heat over a long period.

Working with architects, builders and new home builders, ecoMASTER can assist with system design, supply of components, installation and service. Estimates and economic analysis for each new home is readily provided.

If you add photo voltaic panels to the system you can accumulate and store energy in the slab and offset the cost of imported electricity to heat your home even further. Remember a heat pump gives you up to 4 kW of energy for each kW of power (at nominal operating temp. At lower temperatures the return is still better than all other forms of heating).


To completely change the comfort, health and running costs of New Zealanders in their new homes by making huge in-roads to the costs and acceptance of hydronic in-slab heating and heat recovery ventilation systems as the new standard way to take care of their indoor environment.

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Future proof

If nothing else, when considering building a new home, at least install heating pipes in the foundation. This adds minimal cost at the time of building but allows you to add heat to the slab at a later date if wanted. Generally the cost of this system is equivalent to installing heat pumps and under tile heating in bathrooms and the kitchen.

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Our company provides exemplar systems to many new leading homes in Canterbury and beyond.