About us

ecoMASTER believes every new home should benefit from in-slab underfloor heating. The Directors of ecoMASTER both come from the Northern Hemisphere where heating and insulation is essential for comfort during the cold winter periods. They bring their knowledge, experience and passion for the benefit of all new home builders in New Zealand.

The company believes the New Zealand building standards around insulation are very low and getting a higher energy (star) rating doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive; in fact the savings on monthly energy bills can be significantly more than the interest charged on the additional cost of the heating system.

The use of solar PV can significantly reduce annual running costs if matched properly to the size of the heat pump further increasing returns on investment and reducing power bills.

ecoMASTER can provide estimates and guide design input from a very early stage to optimise outcomes. For example, full slab and perimeter insulation.

While the primary focus is on air to water heat pumps for in-slab heating and hot water heating they can also help with the use of and benefits of ventilation systems and use of solar photo voltaic systems.