Don’t Get New House Regrets?

$88 per meter promotionYou shouldn’t have any regrets once you have built a new home.
If you don’t put luxurious underfloor heating in for only $88/m2 you probably will have regrets every winter!


Now underfloor heating is more affordable than ever. Only $88/m2 for a limited time*

A new home cost starts from $2000 per square metre and varies depending on what is included and the specifications required.

Sensational home heating from ecoMASTER is only $88 per square metre. This is less than 5% of the standard build cost. On a high spec build this cost is less than 3%.

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*Price applies for confirmed orders placed from 1 January 2018 until 31 March 2018 in Canterbury. Includes: optimally sized air to water heat pump, underfloor heat pipes, manifold, expansion vessel, installation, wireless thermostat, 5 year warranty.

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