Future Proof your home (heating needs)

You may not be considering it right now, but if you are building a new house, the best and most luxurious home heating requires in-floor piping to be installed when the foundations are poured. You can add the heating units later but only if the pipe work has been laid in the slab.

We strongly recommend ALL new home builders, retirement village developers and apartment builders to FUTURE PROOF their projects. For the small additional cost to fit the pipes you can gain and benefit from the savings and home comfort in-slab heating offers at a later date. It doesn’t take much planning, doesn’t require lengthy consents, and doesn’t impact on the foundation structural strength. Installation should take between a half to one day and happens just prior to the reinforcing mesh being fitted. You really need to do this before the opportunity is lost.

In-slab heating in a well-insulated home should be the most economical form of home heating. Using a heat pump to convert energy to heat at 4:1 and store that energy in the slab that then gently radiates heat when it is required beats most other forms of heat energy that run at 1:1 output. An air to air heat pump only heats the air and does not store energy (heat ) for when it is required later. While providing instant heat on demand it is not the same as the luxuriant radiant heat from the slab.

To further enhance your resilience to increasing power cost rises integrating solar PV will have added benefits. Taking solar power to heat water and store that energy in the slab or in hot water, significantly improves returns on investment in solar installations and returns from exporting back to the grid.

With a dual heat system* solar power during summer can be used to heat your hot water requirements and then export surplus to the grid.

*Dual heat is a combined in-slab heating and hot water heating system. The heat pump is set to heat the slab and heat the hot water cylinder at pre-set times to meet normal house-hold demands for showers, dishes, washing etc. For example, the hot water can be boosted from 5-7am and then from 5-7pm. During the rest of the time the heat pump is maintaining a lovely ambient temperature in the house.

Our company provides exemplar systems to many new leading homes in Canterbury and beyond.