Air to water heat pump hot water heating

Heat pumps are one of the most effective forms of heating making them ideal for heating hot water cylinders, swimming pools and underfloor heating.

The system works in reverse to a refrigerator and takes free heat from the atmosphere at ambient temperature and efficiently transfers it to a water system via a heat exchanger.

Typically for 2 kW of electrical energy you can expect up to 8kW of heat energy. This will vary from time to time depending on the ambient air temperature.

This means that air to water heat pumps can be significantly more efficient than relying on electrical heating elements that only give 1:1 heat for each kW of energy used.

The size of the heat pump will vary depending on the size of the hot water cylinder, demand and use by residents. The heat pump is controlled by a thermostat in the cylinder and will operate 24/7 providing continuous cost effective hot water. 



By combining a heat pump with solar PV to heat hot water even higher benefits can be gained.

PV solar can be used to power the heat pumps further enhancing returns by off-setting the cost of power from the grid.