Solar power PV (photovoltaic)

Solar benefit multiplier – Making your solar cash positive


Simply use solar PV to run your air to water heat pump.

Use the hot water to heat your slab and your hot water cylinder to offset the power you would import from mains electricity.

When it is not sunny use mains electricity to run your heat pump. Because heat pumps are incredibly efficient the savings can be significant.

Storing energy for use later is more economical that being grid connected and exporting it to the network.

Taking PV power and running it through a heat pump multiples your power and return on investment.

Multiply the power x4 through an
Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Store it in the Floor = Battery #1

Store it in the Hot Water Cylinder = Battery #2



Solar Power PV can be maximized, by using this power through an air-to-water heat pump.

  • A 3kWh – 4kWh array of Photo Voltaic Solar Power can cost about $10,000 to install
  • On a mortgage, this currently costs about $50/month
  • When the cost savings exceed $50/month, then the payback is instantaneous
  • The average year-long savings will likely exceed $100/month, or even $150/month.

Solar Photo Voltaic can cost about $10,000 per average size home (3.5 -4 kW system).

$10,000 costs about $50 per month Principal and Interest from the bank (5% on 30 yr term).

The average home can save about $100 – $150 per month on Space Heat and Hot Water when you multiply this power by 4.

This becomes the only financially INSTANTLY POSITIVE RETURN on your new home.