Lower energy bills for ever!

ecoMASTER and MAXRaft™

underfloor insulation and “future proof”

It is said that the cost of heating a home can be paid for two ways. You either build in energy efficient heating, insulation and ventilation in the beginning and pay low monthly energy bills or you pay much higher (and growing) monthly energy bills for ever (because of minimum investment at the time of build) and have inferior home heating.

If you are building a new house and want the most energy efficient whole house heating system you can get for a reasonable cost, then you need to consider both underfloor insulation and in-slab heating.

If your budget is tight and you cannot afford to put in the full heating system, then the least you should consider is putting in the underfloor heating pipes so you can “future proof” your house and have the ability to add a heat source at a later date. If you don’t put in underfloor heating pipes at the time of pouring the foundations you cannot do it later. Opportunity lost.

MAXRaft™ is a fully insulated foundation that includes edge insulation. This makes MAXRaft™ and ecoMASTER the perfect combination to ensure a warm house with low running costs. MAXRaft™ is suitable for most building situations and homes that have already been built using both products are energy efficient and feel sensational in winter.



If you are building with MAXRaft™ foundation insulation we recommend installing ecoMASTER underfloor heating pipes.

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Either way you want to be paying the least amount possible every month. On this basis spending a little bit more initially will save you lots every year.

Our company provides exemplar systems to many new leading homes in Canterbury and beyond.